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© Jan Deichmohle. Please mention this and our censored books based on the material when using the information.
Best anti-feminist index on the internet

The mentioned sites are useful, though not all of them are critical or antifeminist. This holds especially for father sites.

On Feminist Censorship

Some quotations which prove feminist censoring of our books and researches.

More about Feminist Censorship since many years.

Read in banned book against feminist ideology. Extract of a research

Antifeminist books censored by feminists. More extracts

Enthusiastic and thanking letters from readers.

Readers thrilled while publishers reject book proving feminism wrong.

Politically correct censorship and other topics.

Reports of censorship and hate mail in college.

Feminist Censorship. An article from the USA.

Censorship and Vilifying Men. Several links on articles from the USA.

No aspect of modern life has been so inadequately debated as feminism... the debated passages would remain deleted!” Furthermore, an interesting book chapter.

Sub-Index on Feminist Political Censorship

Feminist hatred

Our collection of feminist hatred in text and picture. New material.

© Jan Deichmohle 1998. The following quotations may not be used without a note that J. Deichmohle has found and cited them either in his (as usual unpublished) book on “Feminist Ideology” or in Les deux Sexes.


her solution to the men problem.

Use the form below to fill out an application form for a lower place on the Kashka Death List... Use this place to beg for mercy like the dog you are. DON'T send any critique! They are only waiting for it! (Cited in Les Deux Sexes 2/1998)

“one woman has put up an "All Men Must Die" page to vent her anger at men. This page is referenced by many if not most of the feminist web sites including the Andrea Dworkin Pages and those of the "Feminist Majority" etc. As such the page represents a political statement ... Along with the now hidden "SCUM MANIFESTO" (Society for Cutting up Men)” From a commentary on feminist lies on the net. It is left to the reader to interprete it, but this should be known.

For decades it is generally believed that texts like SCUM should be ignored by men and non-feminists, while feminist ideology, in general, had to be supported and was glorified. It is considered “not correct” to take evil ideas seriously and criticize them, as would be done, for far less reason, if the object of hate wasn't men. Whereas good things are considered evil because they're not in accordance with feminist ideology. (Feminists criticize for false reasons invented by their ideology.) But even when ignoring their distortions - why is such an extreme text found so often on the net (as you will hardly find another) while profound criticism is ignored and censored by the eternal ice of silent rejection, the complete lack of response?

“Valerie Solanas' SCUM Manifesto is available at many different web sites.” (//scriptorium. lib.duke. edu/wlm, a feminist page)

It is now technically feasible to reproduce without the aid of males and to produce only females. We must begin immediately to do so.” (SCUM)

SCUM will kill all men who are not in the Men's Auxiliary of SCUM. Men in the Men's Auxiliary are those men who are working diligently to eliminate themselves” (SCUM)

    Results using only nine search engines (there were even more hits):

  1. SCUM:
  2. SCUM:
  3. SCUM:
  4. SCUM:
  5. SCUM:
  6. SCUM: published by Matriarchy Study Group
  7. SCUM:
  8. SCUM:
  9. SCUM:
  10. SCUM:
  11. SCUM:
  12. SCUM:
  13. SCUM:
  14. SCUM:
  15. SCUM:
  16. SCUM:
  17. SCUM: and ..2, ..3.html
  18. SCUM:
  19. SCUM:
  20. SCUM:
  21. SCUM:
  22. SCUM:
  23. SCUM:
  24. SCUM:
  25. SCUM: all i have to say here is SCUM Manifesto
  26. SCUM:
  27. SCUM:
  28. SCUM:
  29. SCUM:
  30. SCUM:
  31. SCUM:
  32. SCUM:
  33. SCUM:
  34. SCUM:
  35. SCUM:
  36. SCUM:
  37. SCUM:
  38. SCUM:
  39. SCUM:
  40. SCUM:
  41. SCUM:
  42. SCUM:
  43. SCUM:
  44. SCUM:
  45. SCUM:
  46. SCUM:
  47. SCUM:
  48. SCUM:
  49. SCUM:
  50. SCUM:
  51. SCUM:
  52. SCUM:
  53. SCUM:
  54. SCUM:
  55. SCUM:
  56. SCUM:

    SCUM: “It's my honor to breathe new life into such a fine and comprehensive manifesto. Enjoy.” (The Church of Euthanasia)

    Currently dead links to other sites (at least previously) containing copies of SCUM:

  1. scum -->
  2. scum -->
  3. Northernlight -->
  4. Infoseek -->
  5. -->
  6. ->!!!/men-women.html -->

    More pages found offered excerpts and quotations:

  1. also ../scum_1.html)

    Another currently dead link mentioned: were it was previously according to the entry.

Decades of daily propaganda and manipulation by a deranged ideogoly have consequences. Now internet sites tell publicly that they are recruiting members for SCUM societies:

anyone interested in becoming a member of SCUM, from the elite corps to the activist revolutionary, respond ASAP. We recruit new the 22nd of March. E-mail for direction. Its time for a revolution

Another page containing the same.

Females are the best and men are just plain lazy-ass scums who have no reason to live on this earth except to reproduce themselves and have themselves a good time with booze, whores and pubs. Females are the rulers of the sexes and men are just selfish assed pimps. SCUM forever! Valerie Solanos is my hero. Twiggy (hopefully member of SCUM???)

Another page containing the same.

If anyone has information on how to become a member of SCUM or if there are any other groups like it in California or anywhere else for that matter, please e-mail me at

That's the result of yielding to feminist ideology, of feminist propaganda and pseudo-science spreading deadly, evil hatred, and even regarding it as philosophy! This came into existence with government support and money! But much more effective than such extreme views is the daily subtle propaganda and manipulation. See our censored books!

SCUM's distribution on the net is very extensive. So far only nine search machines were used and for two of them only the first findings. A systematic search could find more.

On top of that, SCUM is sold in at least two different major book editions (CD book find) in english, and contained in a third. There are more (e.g., Translations are also offered (Ge: VlB, Fr: FNB 2 x). Additionally, pages were found advertising the hate text online:

If that's not enough for you, then you might take a look at the domains of gynarchy and mysticism of murderous amazons: Gynarchie International [picturing chained mars-symbols, propagating pseudo-historical mysticism and models:] [She] “killed or enslaved all submit peoples' males”

People are looking away, don't care, because that is considered “correct” and no law will condemn such things. The law has been twisted and has become a means to establish their ideology.

Bibliography:(in German)

Basically we have only one goal: to destroy (*) you! You and all of your inferior species! (*) : destroy, exterminate, wipe out according to dictionary

Sub-Index: G a l l e r y   of Feminist Hate - Pictures

Sub-Index: Feminism, Sadism & Murderous Mysticism

“can a girl emasculate the servant of another schoolgirl ?”To this and other questions of hate the spokeswoman explains in french.

“Humor” - A home page proudly cites:

If it was'n against men such quotes wouldn't be considered funny or humorous. Replace “Men” by some other group and it won't be regarded as funny!

“Had a hit with ‘Kill your boyfriend’. Feminist-core in the true spirit of L7.”

Sub-Index: For more see our special Section on Feminist Hatred

These are extreme examples. Even more noteworthy is the daily flood of subtle propaganda.

Pages with Information


Feminist Fiction | Facts | Violence & Abuse | Misinformation | Lies | Differences | Other | Top

Feminist Fiction and Ideology

Castration As An Option.

Gravity holds women down! Plane crash hits women hardest. Feminist harasses herself! 2 common 2 be satirical?

Police: Critique of feminism arouses suspicion of child murder. (in German)

Locking Up Every Young Guy! and other strange solutions: Let all the women have their own comfortable country... for six months out of a year!

Newton's Principia Mathematica is a rape manual. In spite of such quotations this is critical only to some extent.

To the feminist, vegetarian, postmodernist, literary, critical community, an idea such as that [the texts of meat] goes far beyond quantum mechanics, the germ theory of disease, or the internet.
The key insight of these folks transcends traditional divisions of left and right, both of which have relied, more or less successfully, on the study of material reality. Reality -- you know, verifiable facts deduced from reproducible experiments, the direct observation and measurement of natural phenomena, or historical record. What the fem-veg-po-mo-lit-crit people understand is that metaphor is every bit as good as analysis and unsupported assertions in their “text” can substitute for fact.


Feminism Against Science.

Suicide among Boys. Statistics, informations.

Statistics about the sexes and interesting site.

Violence & Abuse

Facts about domestic violence: Women are violent more often than men.

UK: Severe assaults committed by wifes: 59, committed by husband: 20 - according to wifes (o/oo)

UK: child neglect, maltreatment: mothers responsible in 85% / 79% of cases, more often than men for abuse - 2 of 3 infant victims male - children 20 to 33 times safer with married biological parents

Opposing Bogus Feminist Statistics

False Memory Syndrome (False Abuse Accusations)

Nuance family law journal online

Sub-Index on Domestic Violence

Nagging - verbal violence

Feminist Misinformation

“However, we were seriously misinformed about the causes and scope of family violence. For ten years we supported a cause with a mistaken premise. This misunderstanding of the familiy-violence problem is so pervasive that churches and charities are unwittingly supporting programs that make things worse. Local governments, the courts, law enforcement, prosecutor's offices, mental-health clinics and other tax-supported agencies fund programs and make policy based on misinformation and political propaganda rather than responsible scientific studies.”

“From talk shows to women's magazines, male-bashing seems to be a recreational sport. A prominent feminist suggests ways to fight the misinformation Non-feminists or antifeminists are censored since a long time. For decades the male-bashing was ignored. If feminism is ever criticized at all in media, then rather by a feminist. (Even they may be threatened {case 1} if they do so {case 2}.) Therefore the full truth won't be known. The basic fallacies of feminism will only be proven by a non- or anti-feminist not sharing wrong premises. To avoid real critique a substitute is published.

This page once more lauds “real feminists”. Feminist ideology may not be called by its name. As in other ideology, the faults of wrong principles have to be explained as not “true”feminist, even when talking for men. At least they state: “Very few books have been written from men's perspective” ... “Links to so-called ‘feminist research’ on gender-issues may be found all over the Web, and yet even the government-sponsored sites are often no more than a morass of misleading misinformation

the misinformation has been “so widely cited that it has gained authority by repitition” Silent censorship is also indicated:that there is a certain line which you just don't cross. Basically it's that women are right and men are wrong.

“from the beginning ... in the late sixties the issue has been obfuscated in a welter of misinformation, censorship and outright lies.” At present this is realized only for those few topics were some people did try to resist feminist ideology.

Sub-Index on Feminist Misinformation

Lies and Absurdities

Worthy and Unworthy Victims (male) Other researches show males are victimized more often, and as usual, the facts are contrary to feminist propaganda.

Men are killed, women are pitied.

The “Feminist Assault on Reasonableness.

We now live in an ultra-feminist society devoid of morality, democracy, justice and honesty.

The Failure of Feminism

“Feminist bars men from college class.. Daly has some strong beliefs about how to teach. The strongest? That advanced feminist theory shouldn't be taught to men.” That may seem unimportant, but there are feminist document centres in our area (payed by government) collecting feminist material which men may not look at. (see our research books)

“There's an analogy here with antifeminists who are excluded from discussions”- admitted unwillingly by this text. An important fact not taken seriously since a long time.

Rarely ever is the pressure of feminist ideology in all media and institutions was mentioned. Only in extreme cases might you (rarely) find a report on its disastrous consequences.

But the gender war going on... makes the feminist version seem like a tea party

A special edition on feminism of Political INCorrect zine.

Feminist groups fighting against other feminist groups: “Lies of the New Feminists”

Differences of the Sexes

About the difference of the sexes - written by those, who want to erase it.

Walter R. Dolen, “Sex Differences and Their Implications”

Sub-Index on Sex Differences.

Page about complementarity between the sexes.

Humour and Other Topics

If you haven't lost your humour, look at this: “feminjustice” “combat wombat” ...

And so God created man to live ... 30 years like a mule working and carrying heavy loads on his back...

The only equitable solution seems to be that top positions must be occupied by someone who is BOTH a man and a women, i.e. only transvestites could occupy the leadership positions

Cartoon: The Multi-Million Dollar Divorce - The wife needed at least $50,000 a month for everyday expenses

Some grotesque pictures from feminist sites.

Comics and cartoons criticizing feminism: Web site of an artist

Domains, Magazines, Publishers

The Society for the Critique of Feminism

The “Domain of Patriarchy”.

A site with e-zines about critiques of feminism.

Men's Defence Org.

Men's Rights Domain. - by name a critical site.

Mother and Women Net: Hearts at Home

Coalition of Free Men

Antifeminist magazine and site. (*)

An antifeminist site and magazine. (*)

(*) I'd suggest a less controversial name for these magazines. Otherwise feminists can list the names, neglecting contents and arguments, and thereby feel confirmed in their mistakes. They've already done so on the net. Arguments should be clear and firm rather than names.

Two domains of Peter Zohrab from NZMERA / New Zealand

FEMINISM: The State Ideology whereby women have rights, men have responsibilities, and children have their lives ruined.” Contributions to a former mailing list. Some are more or less critical, some are feminist.

Lo que todo hombre debe saber sobre el feminismo

Father sites, pages and groups

Sub-Index on Injustice in Family Courts

Fathers in Exile - The Modern Day Slaves

The Fatherless Society” A lot of information.

Reuniting Fathers with their Families... 85 % of prisoners ... come from single-mother-headed households (Washington Times)

The Importance of Fathers in Children's Lives

“Fathers have rights, too... This prevailing anti-male, anti-father attitude, employed in tandem with a lot of misinformation, flawed data... the most punitive form of debt connection in America”

Feminist R. Lies in Legislation Against Fathers

The Father's Rights Network

Site about false abuse charges.

National NOW's new Clearinghouse Against Fathers' Rights, for instance, alerts members to protest proposed fathers'-rights legislation. But more organization is needed For more information, contact the Clearinghouse Against Fathers' Rights, National Organization for Women” See also the refutation of the men-bashing pamphlet by a help team:
Feminists claim they really don't hate men. You could have fooled me... Slick camouflaged hate groups. Blaming their targets for their own hate. A really old trick

American Coalition for Fathers and Families

Dads and Divorce: An Internet Resource Guide

List of active father groups with internet domains.

Sub-Index on Groups Helping Fathers

The National Fathers' Resource Center

Book site of the above.

Castle Books Search Engine

Forum for fathers, men, critiques and news (in German).

Pivotal page for fathers in German language. (also English pages)

New Site on: Children in divorce war, Decline of Feminism, Town of fatherless children ... (in German)

French fathers site. (in French)

Entraide Pères - Enfants Séparés: L'État se permettra de nous enlever nos enfants aussi longtemps que nous lui en reconnaîtrerons le droit.

Welcome to the English side of the French site for children and fathers
Tout enfant a un droit absolu à son unique papa...
Les meilleures histoires du mépris de l'enfant et du racisme anti-père.

Väter Online (German/English)

Väter kämpfen für ihre Kinder (German/English)

Väter für Kinder e.V. (in German)

Another group. (in German) At least fathers try to move out of pay-slavery.

Personal and other sites

Anti-Feminist Homepage, asking to stop the nonsense.

A site collecting critiques of feminism.

Against Feminism: Sympathy for the Male Mind mentions another unpublished book.

Bennett: war on boys

Informations from New Zealand: Associations and Books.

Spartacus: Article on involuntary servitude, child support, slavery, and other topics.

Another book, which probably won't find a publisher.

Much more softspoken than the name sounds. Provocative title for a cautious work; limited in its criticism.(*)

On Lies & Feminism

The Frontman Fallacy, Feminism

Sub-Index Cases: Destroyed lives, concealed female culprits

“A generation raised in the denial of the main facts” This article didn't get published in written form until the professor sent it to a mailing-list including my address. As we dislike anything resembling hidden censoring it's now on our net.

“The most destructive social trend” See above.

A page from blacktown

Discussing the Fallacies of Feminism

The power of female sexuality and how women use it to extort money from men... How society is unequivocally biased toward women

Page from a psychiatrist who experiences daily the destructive consequences of feminism (in German)

Theonomist's Home Page

Religious critiques and sites

Christian women site criticizing feminism.

Link-List of Catholic pages criticizing feminism.

Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

Women's Liberation Through Islam Though the university site presents feminist topics, groups and preferential treatment for women like western colleges and term is “lib”, this site was listed as “antifeminist” by Chavez.

This page is not critical towards feminism, but it offers information to overcome prejudices towards Islam which are common in the West since a long time.

Promise Keepers Org. (USA) considered critical by feminists. (See the brilliant comment of Jim Kalb: Many scholars consider Newtonian physics antifeminist, so don't expect anything very specific)

Catholic Insight: on Feminism (Two short defensive essays)

Christian Answers: Feminism Fact Sheet

Biblical Perspective: The Feminization of the Family.

Contra Mundum: The Feminist Flaw.

God's free Men and Women. One with God's Men Of All The Ages.

Biblical Patriarchy

Catholic, Muslim, Evangelical, Mormon, Jewish, and non-professing groups: Please sign this petition!


A new forum from Canada with emphasis on pro-life and critique.

Pro-life links

Complaints began to emanate from Albanian refugee camps that UNFPA shipments of “reproductive health kits” at the Kukes border crossing from Kosovo, where most refugees have entered Albania, have been given priority over shipments of urgently needed health supplies. Dr. Gezim Bashka, head of maternity services in the Kukes hospital, reported to the Italian Press Agency ANSA on 22 April that they were short of antibiotics, sheets and serum...
Pattern of Abuse
In Scutari, I discovered a pattern of abuse reaching back to at least 1995. Shortly after the fall of the Communist government, Dr. Enza Ferrara, who works at the hospital in Scutari, began to notice large shipments of IUDs arriving. She saw that women were being surgically sterilized without their knowledge or consent after delivering by C-section in the hospital... from an Albanian Ministry of Health official: “we have accepted international aid on condition of reducing births.” Note that Albania has a very small population of three and a half million and a fertility rate in 1997 estimated at an average of only 2.4 children per completed family... The reply startled her. “The refugees are too many,” the UN official said. “We have to stop them from reproducing.”... “Don’t you see they are refugees,” the U.N. official said. “They can’t have children!
All of the dozens of refugee women I interviewed were “unaware” that they have needs for “reproductive health” services.

Mailing Lists

Join the Patriarchy Group!

News is distributed on our mailing list stop_feminazis.

Sharedparenting list


A discussion list

Discussion and chat on topic

AUM, an American list

More lists, mostly for fathers.

More link lists

The best collection of internet pages against feminism I know.

Antifeminist links of an expert at the bottom of page.

More link lists on topic.

Link list of Vera. Surf to news and discussions.

The biggest collection of men's links has been done by feminists. Obviously there is a purpose. Apparently they want to play down their own ideology, which is unprecedented in its daily - or hourly, propaganda in all the media channels, and which touches all aspects of private life. (see our researchbooks)

Feminist silent censorship is indirectly mentioned by chavez who states that antifeminist news are at least hidden, and that media is dominated by feminism. This is interesting news from a site which we show has an underlying pro-feminist ideology: At a first glance the linked page seems objective, a second look shows that the first entries have provoking titles (or picture!), all of which match feminist stereotypes about their imagined opponents. Contrary to the statement, it is not intended to show critical thought without degrading it a little.

On same page of Chavez: Feminism Tomorrow: Erin Steuter describes the future threat on feminism that antifeminist groups pose. Women Against Feminism Women are considered as threat on feminism. Even more negative is a third page on that site (antifem.html). Another domain:

Tracking the opposition. Links to antiFeminists, fauxFeminists. Mostly women considering themselves as feminist get accused of being not feminist enough and therefore being “antifeminists”.What they consider “antifeminist” may have been yesterday's (even extreme) feminism. (What was extreme feminism yesterday, they might call “antifeminist” today!) A search on the net or a look into “books in print” shows, that “antifeminism” is mainly a topic of feminist links, comments or books. (e.g. “backlash”) Feminists imagine a missing opposition to feminist ideology. Profound critique has hardly existed or hardly been shown in the media, hardly ever been printed in books, although feminism manipulates all areas of life, even children in schools. (See our research books.)

Father links

Natural groups of men (which have almost completely vanished!) are not comparable to feminist propaganda-, ideology- and gender-war-groups. Even self-help-groups of fathers having no rights mostly don't even have critical views. Many of them even supported feminist concepts. The number of groups indicates extreme problems, but not critique (which would be defensive). Feminist ideology and natural life (without ideology!) are incomparable. Twisting the facts feminists generate long lists, which irrationally declare their supporters and nature itself as opponents - even “enemies”, and which are used as argument for an even more extreme monopoly of propaganda.

Vera's Resources for Fathers and Divorcing Men

Links for (divorced) fathers.

A heap of information and links. There might be more support than critique, though.

Some more links from Fatherhood Coalition

Some more links at the bottom of page.

Link page for fathers facing injustice.

Club Home PageLog in as guest first. Then you can visit link pages.

A new directory (Newhoo) now also has a growing number of father/men links. If you looked e.g. at Yahoo previously, the only entry found for “antifeminist” was “Tracking the Opposition”, which only mentions and blames feminist women, and which is found in a sub-category of “feminism”!

General links on different topics

Links from a Canadian Site

Links on a cartoon artist's site

Mouvement Condition Masculine - Soutien d'Enfance (in French)

Groups and links for fathers at (in German)

Father groups world wide (in German)

Feminist Hyperlinks (pars pro toto)

There are too many - I've neither time nor place to list them - a rather impossible task.

Feminist Activist Resources on the Net (Meta link list)

WIE database of 9000 feminist groups.

Lots of good new arguments are available in our books. Have a look for «Jan Deichmohle» on Amazon. English translations may be available soon.

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