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Though no publishing house offers the book and media neither review nor mention, readers send thanking or enthusiastic letters.

On recommendation of a friend I ordered your book and read it. (Your letter, 16.5.1998) I consider it as a trailblazing work. ” (Tomašek, letter, 19.6.1998)

I've a high regard. You pushed a wasp's nest down the branch.” (Gutbrod, letter, 26.05.1998)

“Am delighted!!! [Am enthusiastic!]” (G. Hanenkamp, letter, 27.7.1997)

The webmaster of gabnet wrote three reviews. ”for me an absolutely new book experience

You have a very extensive collection of facts, which proof the infiltration of our society by feminist ideology impressively. The resulting dictation of opinion has an impact everywhere in media an especially in politics.” (B. Schneider, letter, 5.6.1997)

I'm delighted to hear that you found ... readers; I don't know any reason, why your books shouldn't be published in the big paperback publishing companies... You are perfectly correct in telling that the effects of feminism extend much further than the father-child problem... Also you could turn to TV talk shows.” (letter, Dr. A.)

Many thanks for the diskette... I read with interest... Probably you experience the same as Friedrich Nietzsche... and Franz Kafka” (letter, E. Wagner)

Overdue! Waited for!

New proofs and arguments

Critique of Feminism: diskette 12.- DM (6,5 Euro) ISBN 3-00-002134-5

paperback 15.- DM (8 Euro) ISBN 3-00-002136-1

Order your book now! (currently available in German)


A widespread research proofing wrong even the roots of feminism: Les deux Sexes - The Two Sexes: diskette 38 DM (19 Euro) ISBN 3-00-003198-7 (in German)

723 pages, 2 volumes (disk.), each 20 DM (10 Euro)

Also available: On Advances and Rejection: The Female Power of Selection

diskette DM 12.- (6.5 Euro) + transport, ISBN 3-00-002135-3

Readers and publishers about profound research proving feminism wrong. New exciting book!

Some quotations which prove feminist censoring of our books and researches.

More about feminist censorship in general.

Excerpts from silently censored book against feminism

More excerpts from banned books.

To antifeminist surfboard
anti-feminist link list

Entry page

Dear Readers

Please mention the books in reader's letters to newspapers, magazines, publishers, media or internet etc. Links to these pages are welcome. Only with your help the information can reach the public, silent censoring be avoided. Thank you.

Who wants to share the work or has information about related problems? Suggestions are welcome.

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