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1. Critiques of Feminism

2. Proofs for Feminist Censorship

3. World Wide Anti-feminist Network

Books and information are silently censored and withheld about:


Anti-feminist surfboard
Critiques of Feminism

Quotations which prove feminist censoring of our books and researches.

More quotations about feminist censorship from internet and books.

Net sources on feminist censorship

Read in banned book. Extract of a research

Antifeminist books censored by feminists. More extracts.

Enthusiastic and thanking letters from readers.

Readers and publishers about profound research proving feminism wrong (English)

Readers of this site reply.

Some Pictures from Feminist Sites

Gallery of Feminist Hate.

Pictures of Feminist Hate

Feminist Hatred and Sex

More quotations of feminist hatred

Links to antifeminist pages worldwide.

Fractal Picture Gallery (55 Kb)

Fractal Picture Fish in Water from diskette edition (29 Kb)

Researches about feminist censorship in general and other critiques of feminism should be translated to English soon.

Dear Readers,

Readers thank for banned books which proof totalitarian manipulation of people in media, press, books, education and organizations by ideology of feminism. Critical thoughts are censored and suppressed in a degree that they do not exist in public. The contract with a publisher was unlawfully broken. Letters of publishers proof political censoring. Some of them are directly insulting using feminist clichés. One publisher announced they wouldn't change their opinion in the future about books criticizing feminism (we might write or send) - and expressed what many others meant unspoken. More authors experienced it. Because of such tendencies important arguments did not get publicly know in time.




Nowhere else available!

diskette 6,5 Euro (+ postage)

script 8 Euro (+ postage)


A new widespread research proves wrong even the roots of feminism: The Two Sexes

3,5 diskette DM 38 (19 Euro), 723 pages. Proofs against feminist ideology from Beauvoir till today. ISBN 3-00-003198-7

Also available: Of Advances and Rejection ISBN 3-00-002135-3, diskette DM 12 (6,5 Euro) + postage

Who translates to English and publishes?

Please link to this page.
Thank you!

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