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Sub-Index: False Allegations

Feminist Misinformation and Demonizing Men

Creating False Memories
FALSE MEMORY TOOK ROOT in roughly 25 percent of the subjects in this study

The strategies to effect the demonization of men are stereotyping and disinformation. In plain English, labelling and lies

INTELLECTUAL HARASSMENT. Criticism, disagreement. The gravest version is "anti-feminist intellectual harassment." University of Arizona professor Annette Kolodny says this "serious threat to academic freedom" occurs when any statement or behavior has the intent or effect of devaluing (feminist) ideas

A different opinion may be considered as harassment by feminists. Feminist themselves may use insults instead of arguments:

Batterers and rapists are organizing -- find out their arguments. • Men's Movement Organizations

«Gender / Sex Political Study: Tharunka 1997 to 1999 inclusive. ... The blatant lies that are inherent in her litany are striking. Everything mentioned is no more than a theoretical porridge, invalidated and without any tangible substance what so ever. Nor is there even the slightest attempt at substantiating her claims...
Out of the 3 years of Tharunka, the following were the results of the study:
· There were exactly 123 articles and texts that addressed women’s issues and that were pro-feminist, contrasted with 5 that were written with a specific male perspective or that addressed men’s issues,

· 101 articles etc, that were pro-gay/lesbian in their content, contrasted with 7 that regarded heterosexual sex and romance»

The other key area of feminist disinformation is domestic violence. It is not co-incidental that there has been a worldwide campaign against domestic violence; it is a massive campaign to demonize men.

feminists have severely distorted the DV picture and deliberately produce fraudulent statistics and disinformation.

Feminist Lies Exposed ...
A study conducted in the state of Washington, a state with rigid sentencing guidelines, found women were 57 times more likely than men to receive treatment sentences rather than prison sentences, when the crimes and offense histories were the same. ... yet we have a "Crimes Against Women" law!

Another index on topic

Refuting feminist lies sometimes reveals carefully hidden facts about a completely wrong ideology.


So thousands of violent and very disturbed women attacked normal happily married women and our traditional way of life.

Missing opposition to feminism creates paranoia:

Feminists' paranoia / FEMINISTS' criticism of the Promise Keepers rally is a logic buster.

« To be accused, by a woman who has second thoughts afterwards, or who is seeking rewards, or is caught out in infidelity, or complains for any malicious reason, is to be judged guilty. Perjury is being ignored routinely... No man is safe. Even tourists are being accused. Attorneys who are brave enough to handle these cases are being attacked by feminazis...
Be warned by NZ's example and prevent your country from descending into the feminazi abyss, where to be a man is to be a target, where to be a father is to be afraid, where to be a lover is to be at risk...
Here is the evidence:
i. that this national disgrace has existed for 19 years; [longer by now]

« 16 reasons why I do not believe in recovered memory
Criminal indictments have now begun against therapists for fraud and malpractice

The Fatherhood Coalition has launched an important federal lawsuit for addressing discrimination against males (USA)

Now Illinois has raised the stakes in the father vilification program ... Though S. served a prison term ... prosecutors are now attempting to place him in a mental facility. (USA)

Incredible, but true: Feminists allegedly fighting abuse praise lesbian abuse.
Feminists payed for allegedly helping raped women praise lesbian rape of a minor.

More information on feminist dis-information you find on our main list and in our books.

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