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Feminist Hate - worse than publicly shown

The following quotation was published by Kashka in a “/~kashka ” directory, where she puts e-mails sent to her or found by her.

I'm here on the Rush Limbaugh section to give a perfect example of what Rush talks about when he refers to "Feminazis." On the World Wide Web (Internet), there's a page called, "All Men Must DIE!" by a Kashka, address htp://www.kfs.org/!kashka/ammd.html. IT opens withe the picture of a (presumably) dead man lying in the road, bleeding. Below it are the words, "This is a dead man. You, too, could be dead. DIE NOW! Do it! Conform to the norm, and save me a lot of trouble." Kashka claims she is compiling a "Kashka deathlist" which "will eventually include each and every man on this planet."

Even more cleverly (sarcasm here), there's a picture of a dog, as the enterance for her "Beg like a Dog" page, in which males are supposed to "try convincing me and my minions of doom you deserve to live for a while longer by begging. She declares, "Make the best o fyour life while you still can, scum!" and other endearing thoughts. She also gives out a "DIck of hte WEek Award (complete with the picture of a penis) to e-mail to her she doesn't like, advising readers (after she has given the person's name) to "Find and kill this person." At the end of her Page, she declares, "Get a gun-Get a man" and "DIE MASCULINE SCUM!" On her home page (she has one), where she thoughtfully describes a bit about herself-she's a vegetarian, BTW, so she's only against male humans, not animals-Kashka ends by saying, "Peace, love, and death to all men!"

This shows, that her original “All men must die” site has been much worse before she got protests from men and apparently was afraid of a counter-productive effect of her propaganda.

It is no accident that in the ancient matriarchies men were castrated, sacrificially slaughtered, and excluded from public forms of power [absurd feminist fantasy (fanta-she)]; nor is it an accident that some Female Supremacists and Lesbian Separatists now believe men to be a distinct and inferior species or race... It is shamefully easy for us to enjoy our own fantasies of biological omnipotence while despising men for enjoying the reality of theirs. And it is dangerous--because genocide begins, however improbably, in the conviction that...” (Andrea Dworkin)

In this propaganda, the victim is marked. In this propaganda, the victim is targeted. This propaganda is the glove that covers the fist in any reign of terror. This propaganda does not only sanction violence against the designated group; it incites it. This propaganda does not only threaten assault; it promises it.” (Andrea Dworkin)

Her own opinion:

Only when manhood is dead--and it will perish when ravaged femininity no longer sustains it

The cultural institutions which embody and enforce those interlocked aberrations--for instance, law, art, religion, nation-states, the family, tribe, or commune based on father-right--these institutions are real and they must be destroyed.” (Andrea Dworkin)

Even radical feminists state radical hatred as a moving force:

Hisses. Women shouting at me: slut, bisexual, she fucks men. And before I had spoken, I had been trembling, more afraid to speak than I had ever been. And, in a room of 200 sister lesbians, as angry as I have ever been. "Are you a bisexual?" some woman screamed over the pandemonium, the hisses and shouts merging into a raging noise. "I'm a Jew," I answered; then, a pause, "and a lesbian, and a woman." ... The event was a panel on "Lesbianism as a Personal Politic" that took place in New York City, Lesbian Pride Week 1977. A self-proclaimed lesbian separatist had spoken... articulated of late with increasing frequency in feminist circles: women and men are distinct species or races (the words are used interchangeably); men are biologically inferior to women; male violence is a biological inevitability; to eliminate it, one must eliminate the species/race itself (means stated on this particular evening: developing parthenogenesis as a viable reproductive reality); in eliminating the biologically inferior species/race Man, the new Ubermensch Womon (prophetically foreshadowed by the lesbian separatist * herself) will have the earthly dominion that is her true biological destiny. We are left to infer that the society of her creation will be good because she is good, biologically good. In the interim, incipient SuperWomon will not do anything to "encourage" women to "collaborate" with men... The audience applauded the passages on female superiority/male inferiority enthusiastically...
In considering male intellectual and scientific argumentation in conjunction with male history, one is forced to conclude that men as a class are moral cretins.
” [Dworkin’s comment] (Andrea Dworkin)

Often you find statements of the following kind, showing intended and real destruction, a real agenda, more than an outrageous statement:

The nuclear family must be destroyed

Even ethnical hate has been prepared in mind:

«Now how did the goddess make the Y mistake? Played the wrong card in the life game during a flicker of a loss of concentration? ... Or maybe the inferior, destructive XY version of homo sapiens sapiens should be encouraged to die out? Ummm!

Warm wishes

» (Date: Tue, 2 Nov 1999 11:21:55 +1000 / From: Onnie Wilson)

Nobody would dare to argue, though Nazi crimes were incredibly evil, their ideology and influence might not be. It would be too obviously evil to argue that way. Exactly this type of argument is the standard way of dealing with feminism and used to close both eyes to dangerous feminist hatred and ideas.

From the domain feminista.com:
Instead she walked calmly to the freezer and removed the testosterone reactive retrovirus. It only worked in the presence of the high levels of testosterone found in adult men... All she needed was a carrier
By Lili Pintea-Reed, mentioned on feminista editorial page.
A revealing fantasy story on a major feminist site: biological war against men.
"..." signs as in the original text.


The new ethnic cleansing

Are we sliding toward a new techno feminist world order?

by Carey Roberts
Copyright © 1999 by Carey Roberts

Recently, ultra-feminist Germaine Greer has been appearing on talk shows to peddle her latest tour de force, The Whole Woman. The book has received prominent critical review in such publications as The New Republic, The Washington Post and The Washington Times. So what’s the buzz all about?

It centers on Greer’s no-holds barred denigration of the male sex. Greer describes men as “freaks of nature...

Let’s try an experiment. Instead of applying such demeaning labels to men, what if Germaine Greer had demonized Blacks, Jews, Poles, or Italians in this way? Or what if someone wrote a book that dwelled on the negative stereotypes of women?

Inconceivable, you might say... It is now common to hear bright women with Ph.D.s claiming they can do just fine without a man, that men are dispensable. Feminist author Sally Miller Gearhart has taken this logic a step further. She now advocates the reduction of men to 10% of the total population, this number being necessary to maintain the diversity of the gene pool.

It is shocking and repugnant that anyone would be advocating gender cleansing, a feminist Final Solution. But history proves that ignoring bigotry, in any guise, never makes it go away. »

Ideas of ethnic cleansing and superfluous people are horrible; everything involved is evil. To separate things considered “good” from “the bad”, though they are coming from the same root and take part in making the evil thinkable or possible, is wrong and not acceptible. Such a view demonstrates that those who share it are themselves involved into the evil ideology at least unknowingly and indirectly supporting it.

«I have long cherished a plan for the systematic castration of all post-puberty males, as I believe that the world would be a safer and more beautiful place without all that testosterone floating around.
Surely some brilliant dyke scientists are putting this together even as I write these words! Someone must have already thought of this, it's such a simple solution . . .
I don't wear these labryses in my ears for nothing - I'm a long-time battle-ax and damned proud of it. One of my favorite quotes - I can't remember the source, but I'll dredge it up if you like, I'll bet you're familiar with it - "Can you imagine a world without men? No crime, and lots of happy fat women!"
Thanks for putting this site together, it made for joyous reading here in Kentucky on Samhain eve."

«"Dear Karen,
I just read your manifesto on dykes world and was deeply impressed. Although I have not carried out my plans for the world in such detail, i came up with much of the same ideas...

Anyway, i think your castration plan is fabulous! I often think castration of men in my life would solve lots of their attitude and personality defects. Besides, who wants to see that purply veiny hunk of flesh anyway? Thank god im a dyke. Anyway, more power to you!"»

«Karen, confrontational warrior dyke wondering if cleaving an opponent with one stroke of a well-sharpened labrys would be considered extreme?»

«Then maybe we can throw them into your rocket ship and send them off into space. Good news is, evolution shouldn't occur as they'll be dead after a single generation! ... Oh, another thought. There's enough sperm in sperm banks to last the next 50 years. By then we're sure to have perfected cloning. Yes, it's true there is absolutely no need for men."»

First they tell men would not be needed, discuss how to castrate them or let them die in space. Then they misuse the word “Auschwitz” without even realizing that it describes their own ideas and visions.

«- December '98 - The road to Auschwitz did not begin at the train station in Krakow, it began the first time no one spoke out when a hate crime was committed.
- H. Yerev

According to this quotation on their own page, the road begins at the first time no one spoke out when a hate crime was commited. That feminist page is exactly this hate crime at the beginning of the road. In spite of their vision of ethnic homicide they don’t realize it, because they are blinded by feminist ideology.

While threatening with visions of extinction, they make ridiculous complaints for nothing: somewhere a female dress was allegedly expected - they call it a “hate crime”. They will call their own nature a “hate crime”, because it does not support their anti-male hate-vision.

This tactics of turning truth upside down and twisting even the strongest argument possible into the opposite is typical for feminism and ideology.

By the way, every word feminism has used was given a twisted meaning. “Hate crime” is used in media, law and public in a twisted way, in a kind of Orwell “newspeak” where every word has lost ist real meaning and can be misused in any way.

«Third, I vote for the sending them out into space idea, preferably in deep freeze, when they awaken, make sure they cannot access the technology and come back and conquer Earth.» (In Amazon Warrior Dyke Sisterhood, Artemis)

«Think of yourself as having gone undercover, you need all your energy for the job of infiltrating the enemy. Keep on working hard at getting your education and making a place for yourself in the power hierarchy. That is your part of the fight... and you can chose to spend your money in female owned businesses.» (Karen, reply to a letter)

They are misusing the organizations of the state for a radical anti-male revolution comparable to the most evil ideologies of the 20th century.

«Russ's world of Whileaway (nb her note p7 "Whileaway, you may gather is in the future./But not our future.") is typical of a number of works or sections of feminist utopian writings in being a single sex world/society. Gearhart and McKee Charnas write of separatist societies; Perkins Gilman had described an all-female utopia.

It is possible to read this, especially in conjunction with the dystopian female society in which the assassin Jael lives at war with men, as an explicit expression of separatist beliefs.»

«It is obviously very significant to Russ that her women kill each other - and probably not just because it makes it easier to accept Jael's point that Whileaway's men did not die in a plague, but in a war with women.»

Such hatred has been moving feminism since its beginning.

«According to Gearhart, the difference between an academic argument "and a violent artillery attack is obscure and . . . one of degree rather than kind."»

Most ridiculous is the way feminists twist facts. Talking of men dying out / getting killed is the most cynical fantasy possible. You can’t imagine anything worse. It is much worse than any violent artillery attack, not at all comparable even to war. On the other hand any honorable and peaceful academic argument of a man is blackened as supposedly comparable to a “violent artillery attack”.


Feminist Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Utopia:

II. B. Theme Bibliographies ...

Matriarchies have women on top, but not necessarily planned that way; maybe the men just died out; maybe it's a bad thing; whatever. Separatism always has the sexes living apart - often, this is in conjunction with a matriarchy, or is a lesbian separatist utopia, but not always. Intentional communities designed by women, however, are just that: they may include men or may not;»

As this and other academic feminist pages state, single-sex utopia or separatism is not just a matter of a few books. Instead it is a genre - accepted and researched.

Already in 1915 utopian propaganda views of a country without men existed:

«but the most famous is the American first wave feminist Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s 1915 novel Herland about the discovery by 3 crashed airmen of an all female country of [ propaganda! ] peace and plenty.»

«Auguste Comte, for example, forecast female self-fertilization--an idea borrowed by Charlotte Perkins Gilman in Herland (1915)»

«Charlotte Perkins Gilman's "Her Land" : An analytical 6 page essay in which the writer discusses this classic feminist work from a personal point of view. In the book, Gilman describes a Utopian society successfully created and inhabited by 100% women. .. *The writer of this easy supports / agrees with Gilman's feminist ideology.»

«Charlotte Perkins Gilman : A completely discussion of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's life and theories. The influence that her social work / feminist ideology had on others is explored as are the individuals upon whom she may have based some of her own work.»

«Charlotte Perkins Gilman couched her assault on existing social structures as an attack on the nuclear family and its architecture.[17]»

Such visions are directly related to the wrong feminist concept of femininity which was already a central misunderstanding and principle of 19th century feminism.

«Reclaim every lonely Dyke who turns to the bottle or drugs or hormones or men or suicide. Reclaim yourselves, as we reclaim our Amazon Nation, our Amazon Sisterhood, our Amazon tribe.»

«Single-Sexed Utopias and Our Two-Sexed Reality / Susan Stone-Blackburn

University of Calgary / SFRA 1994 Chicago

A perennial question about utopian fiction is whether it can move a reader to action that might change the reader's world towards the utopian ideal--and if so, how. To the extent that the fiction simply portrays an achieved ideal, it cannot model a process that might take us from where we are to where we want to be. Still more problematic is the question of what use is a single-sexed feminist utopia in particular when feminists have to work in a two-sexed world? ...

Perhaps the most compelling question these texts raise and leave unanswered is whether male violence can be eliminated without eliminating men. ..

The effect on one reader may be to deny Jael's claim that a single-sexed bliss is unattainable without genocide, as Janet does, and decide to seek a separatist lifestyle as much like Janet's as possible. ..

The ritual reinscribes the Hill Women's purpose: not to use violence against man, "the slayer," but to help him change, or failing that, to ease the death that must result from his failure to change. (The Wanderground, 195)»

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