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Briefe vom 2. Februar 1999 bis 7. März 1999

Dear Jan,

Great! Keep up the good work.

e-mail, 2.2.1999, fathersmanifesto@...

I found out about your site from Art Lemasters on the MENTION list. I looked at it and found it
very impressive. I'll put it to good use.

I do work on the psychodynamics of feminism and political correctness. You might be interested in looking at some of the papers on my own site:

Anyway, keep up the good work.

e-mail, 23.2.1999, Schwartz@...


I got your note and looked at your page. Great collection of stuff! You've been busy since last time I looked.

e-mail, 25.2.1999, jk@...

Please continue the work of exposing the fallacies and conceptual failures of feminism.

e-mail, 20.2.1998, yatsu@...

We NEED men like you, desperately!

e-mail, 18.2.1999, fathersmanifesto@...

I was very glad to read your opening paragraphs, which reflect my own views exactly...
Please keep me in touch with developments. Meanwhile I will redirect your excellent post to friends.

e-mail, 21.2.1999, robt_m@...

Hi there,
Nice of you to do this.

e-mail, 11.2.1999, thhegge@...

oh hey, interesting stuff. I hadn't heard of that "scum" group before.

e-mail, 23.2.1999, rosed@...

I have tried this out and it seems to work well. I like your site. It seems to have an enormous amount of interesting material.

e-mail, 7.3.1999, manorama@...

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